Our Initiatives

Smile for everyone in the society.

We want to bring smiles to everyone in society. We engage in activities that we are uniquely positioned to pursue to contribute to society through travel and in other areas.

Efforts to achieve SDGs

At JALPAK, we are actively working through our businesses to help solve social issues targeted by SDGs.

* Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Seventeen goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 that the global community must solve by 2030 with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.

Eliminating barriers to travel—Making travel accessible to everyone

  • - Planned and implemented “Okinawa Tour for People with Food Allergy”
  • - Introduced vehicles equipped with a wheelchair lift for the fleet of JALPAK's original “JAL Uta Bus” for Okinawa tours
  • - Planned and implemented “Hawaii Tour on Family Jet” offered exclusively for families with children under 12
  • - Opened “Travel Consultation Support Hotline” where customers who require special care and attention when traveling can get advice according to their needs and concerns (2019)
  • - Planned and implemented “Let's Play in the Snow in Wheelchairs!” family tour (2019)
  • - Planned and implemented “JAL Won-Won JET Okinawa Tour” for people longing to travel with their beloved dogs (2019)
  • - Planned and implemented “Nursing Care Prevention Charter Tour” jointly organized by Waseda E-life and JAL Nadeshiko Lab (2018)

Contributing to local communities

  • - Commercialized and implemented a tour planned by the students of Kurashiki Commercial High School as part of the “Project to Support the Dreams of High School Students”
  • - Sent lecturers to universities to cooperate with seminars
  • - Sold the ownership rights for “Gunma Meigetsu’s Apple Tree,” known for its high scarcity value, as a special plan for our selected members to support local specialties and children.(2021)
  • - Internship program for students of Rikkyo University (2021)
  • - Held online lessons for Atomi Gakuen Women's University with JALPAK overseas bases.(2020)
  • - Provided “online experiential learning activities” for “Institut Culturel FRANCO-JAPONAIS,” located in a suburb of Paris, for their students to enjoy as if they are traveling while there was Covid-19 movement restrictions.(2020)
  • - Conducted a workshop with Innoviot Co., Ltd. for children to discuss the theme of “overtourism.”(2020)
  • - Supported the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (donations from employees and part of the revenue from tours) (2019)
  • - Helped create “Motto Nihon Ga Suki Ni Naru! Naruhodo Todofuken 312,” a book introducing the prefectures of Japan for elementary school students (2019)
  • - Planned and implemented “World Animal and Environment Conference in SDGs Future City of UBE,” a next-generation human resources development program (2018)
  • - “Minamiaso Tourism for the Future Project,” an industry-academia collaboration project with Atomi University (2018)

Promoting new work styles

  • - Planned and implemented tours to promote “workation,” a new way to work and travel
  • - Promoted work-style reform within the company (introduced flexible work styles such as hot desking, teleworking, workation, and flexible working hours)

Promoting health

  • - Planned and implemented “Health Screening Tour,” which can be participated in from anywhere in Japan
  • - Introduced initiatives designed to promote the health of employees (non-smoking during working hours, indicating calories on vending machines, etc.)

Promoting diversity & inclusion

  • - Introduced initiatives to improve communication and accessibility within the company (visualizing voices, etc.)
  • - Planned and implemented “JAL LGBT ALLY Okinawa Charter Tour,” timed to coincide with PinkDot Okinawa, an event held to promote understanding toward LGBT (2019)

Contributing to global and environmental issues

  • - Participated in the Japan Association of Travel Agents' “Travel Brochure Recycling System”
  • - Participated in the “Environmental Protection Support Project” for UK's Lake District
  • - Introduced various initiatives within the company (promotion of paperless, cool biz, warm biz, no-necktie days)
  • - Concluded a comprehensive agreement with Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel inc. to develop and sell sustainable products with local resources including food and landscape, anticipating the increasing number of visitors to Hokkaido post Covid-19.(2021)
  • - Planned and implemented the official tour for “Sea to Summit” environmental sport events organized by Montbell (2019)