Our Business

Overseas travel business

Ever since we launched “JALPAK” as the first overseas package tour in Japan, we have been offering overseas travels for many years to bring a smile to each and every customer.



We boast a diverse portfolio including everything from honeymoons and perfect trips for anniversaries to affordable and carefree options for families looking for a casual trip.

JMB Tours

These tours are offered at a reduced price for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members without taking away from the quality of “JALPAK” tours. We also offer exclusive seasonal tours only available to JMB members.

JAL Dynamic Package

With these new tours, you choose from a selection of JAL's international flight tickets and accommodation options and combine them in any way you wish to create an original package. Reservations can be made until five to seven days before departure, and you can participate from anywhere in the country.

Overseas JAL Raku-Pack

Create a dynamic package tour on your own by choosing from a selection of JAL international flight tickets, registered overseas lodging facilities, and optional tours, and combining them on Rakuten Travel according to your desired destination and budget.

JAL Pack Overseas e-Hotel(hotel arrangement)

Book accommodation with no hassle at a fine hotel online, chosen from a selection of trusted, high-quality hotels that only JALPAK can offer.