Our Business

Inbound tourist business

We leverage our know-how on package tours accumulated over the years to provide tourists visiting Japan from overseas with “great trips, and new travel experiences.”
We also wholesale travel products to foreign travel agencies and accept orders for organized travel primarily for groups.


1. International Dynamic Package: Japan Airlines Vacations (JAL Vacations)

We provide customized package tours that customers can create on their own by freely combining flight tickets and accommodation on the internet. Our JAL Dynamic Package for tourists to Japan, launched in 2017, is the first package tour product for inbound tourists to be offered by a Japanese travel agency. We currently provide this service to tourists from Asia, North America, Oceania, and Europe.


  • - Customers can freely combine round-trip international flight tickets to Japan with accommodations selected from a diverse array of hotels, and purchase them as a package.
  • - A variety of activities and transportation services could be combined with a package, or booked individually.
  • - To ensure our overseas customers have all the help they need to feel safe and fully enjoy their trip, we respond to any questions they may have before travel and provide around-the-clock support during their stay in Japan in case of an emergency.

2. Japan Domestic Dynamic Package: Japan Domestic Travel JAL Vacations with JAL Japan Explorer Pass

JAL Japan Explorer Pass is a simple and affordable fare for travelers wishing to explore the unique culture and feel of local Japan.


  • - More than 120 domestic flight routes.
  • - Available to make a reservation until 48 hours before departure.


Southeast Asia

East Asia

North America



3. Sales of products arranged for visiting Japan

We work as an inbound tour operator with foreign travel agencies as business partners, wholesale travel products in Japan to foreign customers, and arrange ordered products based on requests from foreign travel agencies.