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JALPAK has its origin in 1965 as the brand name for Japan’s first overseas package tours offered by Japan Airlines. Then in 1969 JALPAK’s predecessor, Ryoko Kaihatsu KK( as known as Japan Creative Tours) succeeded the planning, marketing, and administrative operations of the “JALPAK” brand tours from Japan Airlines; and JALPAK has since evolved and marked itself as a market leader specializing in domestic and overseas travel wholesale services. JALPAK now has 16 domestic and overseas locations in 8 countries and 15 cities, with more than 900 employees around the world supporting customer travel.

JALPAK engaged in a wide range of travel services, which include the procurement, planning, and marketing of package tours, in addition to providing booking services to travel agencies. The fundamental principle of our service is to provide customers with travel that surpasses all expectations and to position ourselves as a company that shall forever pursue, develop, and offer a new style of travel. The role of a travel provider is to provide customers with unstructured dreams. In order to make such dreams come true, it is necessary fulfill the needs of an ever diversified and demanding domestic and overseas travel market, which range from full-service sightseeing tours, special purpose trips and individual travel, it has become important to demonstrate utmost professionalism as a producer.

JALPAK is committed to becoming such a producer in fulfilling the needs and expectations of an ever diversifying travel services market and will carry out its role as an industry professional that embraces the exchange and interaction of people, information, culture, and goods - through providing the highest standards of safe and reliable travel services in our world society that seeks never ending globalization.

Corporate Principles

Bearing our three principles at heart, each and every employee of JALPAK shall be dedicated to the goodwill of the travel services industry.

  • •From the perspective of putting customers first, provide
  • •Always work to create
  • •Through the medium of travel, strive to be a company that is treasured by its customers and which will contribute to society.

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