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JALPAK History


  • 1964
    Debut of Japan’s first Overseas package tours “JALPAK.”
  • 1965
    First “JALPAK” tour group departs on a 16 day course to Europe.
  • 1967
    First “JALPAK Round-the-World” tour group departs.
  • 1969
    Predecessor “Ryoko Kaihatsu K.K” is established as the travel wholesaler of “JALPAK.” brand tours. Travel Agent Registration No. 133
    Debut of “JALPAK JOY Europe”
  • 1972
    Debut of “JALPAK MY PLAN”
  • 1978
    Announcement of “ZERO,” a liberal-styled package for young adults.
  • 1984
    20th Anniversary
    Release of “Koko Natsu Hawaii”, a 20th anniversary commemorative product.
  • 1987
    Launch of second brand product “AVA.”
    Release of AVA “KIGARU NI IITABI.”
  • 1989
    25th Anniversary
    Launch of “OTONA GA KOI SURU.”
  • 1990
    Release of the “QT Series” as a package tour travel component for travel agencies.
  • 1991
    Name change to JALPAK Co., Ltd.
    JALPAK is reborn as a new product “I’ll.”
    Launch of 1 people 10 styles “I’ll.”
  • 1994
    Launch of “Tabi Pon,” an Overseas land component.
    Debut of “JAL Bali Island.”
  • 1996
    “JAL Hawaii Island” campaign.
  • 1999
    Incorporation of eTravel and commencement of Internet sales.
  • 2000
    Branch operations of the Sapporo and Nagoya districts sub-contracted to JAL Sales Network.
  • 2001
    Branch operations of the Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka districts sub-contracted to JAL Sales Network.
  • 2002
    Merger of JAL/JAS.
  • 2003
    Incorporation and opening of 100% owned Chinese subsidiary.
  • 2004
    「Jalpak」 brand, 40th anniversary
  • 2006
    Re-organization of JAL Group’s sales infrastructure.
    Branch operations of the Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka districts centralized into JALPAK.
  • 2007
    20th Anniversary of “AVA”
  • 2008
    Rebranding the exsisting tour packages to Taiwan and selling them under the name of I’ll and AVA.
  • 2009
    「Jalpak」 brand, 45th anniversary, released "The 45th anniversary memory tour"
  • 2010
    "I’LL" and "AVA" brand tours were consolidated and relaunched as "JALPAK"
  • 2011
    Merged with “JAL Tours Co., Ltd.” to launch the new “JALPAK Co., Ltd.”
  • 2014
    「Jalpak」brand, 50th Anniversary. released "The 50th anniversary memory tour"

〔Tours in Japan〕

  • 1976
    Established the Japan Airlines domestic wholesaler “Kokunai Ryoko Kaihatsu K.K.”
    “JAL Jet Plan” launched.
  • 1990
    First brand changed to “JAL STORY”.
  • 1993
    Company name changed to “JAL Story Co., Ltd.”
  • 2003
    Merged with “JAL Tours Co., Ltd.”
  • 1978
    Established “TDA Trading Co., Ltd.”, with a wholesale department for flights within East Asia.
    “Nice Wing” launched.
  • 1990
    Company name changed to “JAS Shoji Co., Ltd.”
  • 2000
    Company name changed to “JAS Nice Wing Ltd.”
  • 2002
    Company name changed to “JAL Tours Co., Ltd.”
  • 2003
    First brand “JAL STAGE” and second brand “FURARI” announced.
    Merged with “JAL Story Co., Ltd.” to launch the new “JAL Tours Co., Ltd.” 2008: “JAL Tours Co., Ltd.” 5th anniversary
  • 2011
    Merged with “JALPAK Co., Ltd.” to launch the new “JALPAK Co., Ltd.”
  • 2014
    「Jalpak」brand, 50th Anniversary. released "The 50th anniversary memory tour"

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